Since 2009, Jaja composes unconventional electronic music full of atmospheres and little suprises. Her sound defines Space Ambient and the results ranging from space music to contemporary Ambient. She plays and arranges everything live with her Synthesizers Roland JD-800 and Roland XV-88 supported by some certain outboard equipment like the Fireface 802 by RME, the PCM 92 by Lexicon, the Vitalizer MK2-T by SPL and the Allen & Heath GL-2400 432 Audio Mixing Console. Every live recording becomes a deep space exploration while Jaja captures the inner moods and the visions of a sonic universe.

All her solo music is exclusively released under a creative commons license, and besides also an exclusive selection of her albums as limited Audio Compact Discs. Her musical influences are classical compositions, film scores and atmospheric music.


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