The stars become more visible and seem to be much closer when listening to your wonderful music. (Burton Thomas)
I am hard pressed to think of anyone creating better "space music" than you. (Burton Thomas)
Dreamy, cosmic, serene. For my nights sleeping in the open. Beautiful. (Max Corbacho)
To listen to Jaja is to enter the night sky. (Bob Hays)
This is absolutely magnificent! The sound of the Universe through your music! (Kati Astraeir)
Jaja’s work offers us one of the closest approximations to the sublime in all of contemporary music. (Bob Hays)


Sound Reflections - Interview - Jaja - We all reflect to each other CYAN - Tech talk with Jaja The Ambient Synth #8 - Jaja on the Roland JD-800


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Jaja Bandcamp Jaja Spotify An Atlas Of The Universe The Cosmic Octave European Southern Observatory


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